Simply Healthier For Generations


Known for providing the state of the art vinyl flooring design, Vinflor has been able to showcase a wide variety of different latest vinyl designs and ideas with high definition replication close to realistic wood and stone patterns for their vinyl.

Research developments are constantly improved in terms of design and comfort in usage to ensure up to date high quality products and service, reaching the home of our clients. Unlike the regular print vinyls, Vinflor prides in having intricate detailed embossed onto our vinyl tiles to provide a precise imagery, appealing to sensory enjoyment as one lives in the comfort of their home. Registered emboss techniques are done on specific vinyls such as wood designed vinyls to bring to live the texture of natural wood by touch, while sand emboss are done on stone or marble designed vinyls to recreate the natural texture one would feel right out of mother nature itself.

Inner Workings of Vinflor Vinyl

In support for a eco-friendly environment, Vinflor introduce the use of phthalate-free PVC products since the beginning stage of the vinyl creations to promote environmental friendly material usage as well as placing user health and safety as our topmost priority.

Nano-silver has been added on top of the Ceramic bead UV coating as form of anti-bacterial agent and is also layered at the topmost layer to increase toughness, allowing resistance to scratches, as well as wear and tear. The Wear layer, layered below the uv coating is to increase the strength of the vinyl tiles, followed by the print layer which includes the prominent print selected of choice by the client.

Placed above the existing flooring, a very secure clip and lock method is designed to the sides of the tiles ensuring a smooth, flat, seamless tessellation throughout the flooring providing a warm, grounded sensation to the user’s home.

Vinflor leaf

Vinflor leaf, also known as SPC vinyl is a hard version vinyl that is highly water resistant with high stability and high skip resistance to prevent slip and fall, providing an extra support for old folks. Vin-flor gold underlay provides great sound acoustic.

Vinflor Gold PET underlay

Vinflor gold PET underlay refers to a premium 0.4mm Polythylene Terephathalate (PET) metalized sheet embossed on a 2mm PET form, which gives it a high standard assurance of moisture-proved underlayer.

Singapore is one of the heaviest usage of cement during construction period. Despite the cost effective building material, cement actually releases water moisture and gases (Ammonia; NH3) as it is drying or curing.

Specifically, Ammonia is a colorless inorganic compound of nitrogen and hydrogen which is not good for long term breathing. Vinflor gold underlay in comparison, is a safe product specifically redesigned for flooring to resolve the issue of moisture and gas releases as proven, the same PET technology are found used during food processes as well.


Smarter Design

  • German technology

  • Click system, no glue needed

  • Dry-lay, easy/fast installation

  • Very durable surface, not easily scratched

  • 4-sided groove, tightness of joints

  • Dimension stability, not affected by temperature change

  • Easy replacement

  • Realistic, embossed surface

  • Modern design and color, suitable for any interior residential or commercial application

Safe & Easy
to Maintain

  • Termite-free

  • Odorless

  • Non-slip

  • Waterproof

  • Stain-resistant

  • Resilient to fungus/bacterial

  • High scratch-resistant & durability

  • Very low maintenance


  • Natural looking

  • Warm walk feel

  • Low/no noise